6 Effective Methods for Improving Off Page SEO written by Dharshini

Off Page, SEO is something that works outside your blog or website. It is the whole process which is involved with getting links to the online content available on blogs, websites or pages. This is the process which is otherwise called as link building. As the number of links increases which are redirected to your website, it can enhance the process of Off page SEO too. It is not so easy to get the blogs, websites or pages to get the link included that redirects to your website. Off Page, SEO is not something that you can control as a whole. Here are the various methods to do that part .

Online Directories

Online directors are a great way for increasing the visibility for any search. If you are not taking initiative for claiming the listing with the online directories each time then they may make use of information from the listings – listing whose information is mostly out of the date or are not right. It is good for you to claim or add that to the listing. It is possible for optimising the listing using updated information, additional categories and photos. There are so many online directories that come with free listings. There are some of them that come with enhanced listings at that cost.

Social Networking

Social networking is mainly used by the businesses as a direct way to interact with the customers available online so that you can get videos, photos etc for engaging the followers. It is good for monitoring the posts and then respond to them in a timely manner. You can even show the customers that you are available online and do care for them and answer their queries. It is the best way to do off page SEO.

Social Bookmarking

There are chances for keeping track with the favourite websites, blogs or articles. Pinterest can be considered as much popular website available for bookmarking. It allows you to save all that possible from the favourite recipes to the tips related with dating. People who have got common interest may form groups and can share the information.

Article Directories

Article directories that include websites which have got collections related with unique articles that come under different subjects. Article director can be of greater help in getting more traffic to the website. It can help in increasing the PageRank too in a much more effective way.


Videos do form a major way for getting the messages out. Vimeo, video directories and YouTube are some of the popular websites you can find. It is possible for creating tags for the video that can identify names related to the video, subject and also location in such a way that search engines may be able to read the same.

Direct Website Submission towards Search Engines

It is not good for you to wait for any random submission or indexing associated with the website. It is possible for using Google Webmaster tools for verifying the website and also removing the unwanted site links.

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