Our Search Engine Marketing is NOT For Every business.

Our Seo work is tailored to a particular type of client although we would love to help everyone that requests our services, we always work with customers who fit a reasonable set of criteria. We carefully choose who we work with in order to maximise potential and streamline our efforts. The number of businesses we work with at any given time allows ensuring success for your campaign. Having a limited number of clients, enable us to provide the attention to detail necessary for success.

We work with clients who have:

1. A business which is both healthy and active, our services are for companies that are healthy and forward thinking. A company that wants to move onto the next level. We don’t work with.

  • Get Rich Quick Schemes
  • Adult Themed Material

2. A steady flow of customers, you are doing consistent business and have campaign’s that are generating traffic to your business. All you need is a PRESENCE in whatever market you belong to.

3. A good product and a solid reputation. We pride ourselves on doing good business with good people. We will be taking your business on a journey of goodwill and PROSPERITY and showcasing this to your target market.

That’s it! 

Meeting the above requirements is the cornerstone of a business relationship that will bring you incredible results. We would be happy to set aside time to speak with you. The process is simple. First, you will have to fill in the discovery application form below.

It’s very straightforward, and this will give us an idea of what you are promoting and selling at the moment. We use a method that has worked for hundreds of businesses and enabled them to increase revenues beyond their wildest dreams. We examine the details which allow us to design a plan for your business to grow. We tailor the plan to suit your aspirations and goals.

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